Wednesday, July 23, 2008


That's my parking spot.

I need to remember that because I drove to work today, & I very rarely do. If you didn't know, I'm spoiled. Doug drops me off at the front door to my building & picks me up after work. It's nice that we get to spend a little more time together while we're saving money & I suppose the environment. It's also great that we're not stuck in traffic or bad weather alone, & of course it's fabulous that I can read a book or sleep if I feel the need. Ah, it's good to be Queen. But not today - Doug has a union meeting after work, & I have an appointment with Elizabeth, my sadist (read: waxer). The mere thought of that gives me a little stress, so let's change the subject.

Isn't it funny how people that you see almost every day will suddenly notice something that you've done all along? Like today, for instance. I'm wearing all black, which is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary for me. Not only is it easy, but this particular combo is very comfortable & it was clean - & clean was the deciding factor this morning. Anyway, as I was settling into my desk this morning, my pal that I talked about here came by.

My Pal: Wow...all black today, huh?

Me: Yup.

My Pal: I don't think I've seen you do that before. Are you making a statement or something?

Me: Yeah, sure. You know me - I'm the Johnny Cash of the admin world.

I suppose that even as cool as I am, it probably wasn't right to compare myself to Johnny Cash - because let's face it, he was among the coolest cats ever - but I just couldn't help myself. I hadn't had my coffee yet. My poor pal - his fellowship ends next week, & he will no longer have my sarcastic little presence in his life. He's going to miss me terribly, I just know it. Likewise.

In case you haven't guessed, this particular post really has no direction whatsoever.

My Google Reader is about to explode. It's still manageable, so that's good, but what I find fascinating is what other blogs my subscriptions attract in the "Discover" section. Not all of the blogs I read are on my blogroll, just because I don't think I need to have 49 other blogs listed. I add them to my page if I feel like it, really. Anyway, I have only 1 gardening blog, Gardening While Intoxicated, chosen because of it's clever name & witty content (ok, & because that's what I usually am when/if I get around to gardening, hence the tragic state of my once stunning rose bed), but I'm bombarded with gardening blogs. I have a couple of cooking blogs, too - no, I don't really cook, but I like the idea of it, so I like to check a few out. Poor Google, it clearly thinks I'm a chef. Google has also picked out a gaggle of soon-to-be-married or newly-married brides' blogs for me to read, & I fall into neither of those categories. Poor, misguided, & terribly gullible Google.

While those are all funny, & rather cute that Google thinks of me in such a way, the funniest showed up in the Discover section today. It was, of all things, a - brace yourself - pregnancy blog.

Criminy. I'm as childfree as they get, & while I think people should be happy about their own choice to have children (& also that they should pay for them, & a few other things that I won't go into just now), I certainly do not want to read about their gestation. Ick.

Oh well, I guess it could be worse. Google could be suggesting that I read blogs about recovery. Oh yes, that would definitely be worse. Google, don't even think about it....


Monday, July 21, 2008


I admit it. We watch a lot of shows on Discovery Channel.

For example, "The Deadliest Catch". For the life of me, I can't figure out why Doug & I are so into this show. I mean, the extent of the dialogue is "49 crab. Four. Nine. Crab." It's really the same action, over & over again. They drop the "pot", & then later, someone throws a hook out (with a miss every once in a while), they pull the "pot" back up, sort the crabs, etc.... Thrilling stuff....but we watch it.

Then there's "Dirty Jobs", which is a little easier to understand the appeal. Plus, Mike Rowe's a funny guy, & not ugly, either! (He also narrates "The Deadliest Catch", so maybe that's the secret...) There are several other shows that we watch, but I'm really not writing about that....I'm writing about the one thing that actually made it to our calendar.


That's right, I added Shark Week to our calendar. I don't really know how much dorkier I can get.

I've always been fascinated by sharks. Any time there's a shark show on television, I'm bound to watch it, & movies? My gracious, yes! I can't get enough of the shark movies! Jaws, Jaws 2, Deep Blue Sea, & on & on... Even the semi-stupid ones, like Jaws 3 & 4 - if they're on, I'm very likely watching! Now, the really stupid Shark Hunter & Shark Attack movies, not so much...but we've seen them!

Mind you, I only like to watch sharks, & only from a safe distance. I have touched a shark before - a very tame nurse shark - at an aquarium in Cancun. That was close enough, even though I'm sure that I've been in close proximity to one in the wild. Whenever we're near the ocean, I'm in it, I just can't help myself.

On a much more, um, personal note, that little tidbit spawned a new name for that dreaded female cycle that no one seems to want to call by its proper name. "Aunt Flo", or "the monthly visitor", or even "riding the cotton pony" just wouldn't do....I call it "Shark Week".

Some of you that actually know me in real life may know the reason for this, but the rest of you don't, so let me give you a brief explanation.

Doug & I love to travel, & we're drawn to places like the Caribbean because of the ocean. We love it, & we watch it for hours. I love to swim in the ocean (never too terribly far out, but I do get out there), even with stories of shark attacks & such. Believe me, I'm always thinking about it when I'm in the water, but I love it unless the water is too rough or too murky. Plus, being that I'm obsessed with shark shows, I've picked up a few tips on avoiding shark attacks.

As we were preparing for a vacation several years ago, I mentioned to Doug that I was concerned that I'd "start", & not be able to swim safely (not that it would really stop me). Doug didn't get it at first, so I told him that I'd hate to have my death or injury from a shark attack featured on "Shark Week" because I was swimming while...well, you know.

It just kinda stuck from there.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Stink About Pink

You know, pink is really not my color.

I currently own two shirts that could be called "pink" - but not really. They're more of a salmon, one muted while the other is bright. People are always surprised to see me in this color, but they almost always call it "peachy" or "pinkish". If I do say so myself, the color suits my warm coloring. Having said that, I look completely dreadful in the baby pinks, & they certainly don't fit my personality. Hmmmm...wonder why.

None of the rooms in my house have any pink in them at all. Not because I hate the color - I don't think I do - but because I seriously don't think I could pull it off. Again, it just doesn't fit me, & it certainly doesn't fit Doug.

Except for when it comes to one beverages.

Cosmopolitans? Hell yeah! Now, don't hand me one of those bright red drinks & try to pull it off as a good Cosmo. A good Cosmo is - you guessed it - a lovely shade of pink, & often the lighter, the better!

Yeah, just like that.

I actually make a pretty killer Cosmo when I feel like it. I don't have a recipe, really, I just wing it. Doug's mad for it, as well as many other pink drinks.

He'll proudly drink them in front of the burliest of men. He's so hot.

I'm getting off track here. Cosmopolitans, along with their other frilly pink cocktail friends, did not inspire me to write this. Come now, my know what did. Just think about it.

That's right! Rose'! I've certainly written about them enough. We just can't get enough of the stuff when the weather turns warmer. Sure, you can drink them year-round, but they never last long in our house. That's a good thing because rose' isn't a wine that can be aged for very long at all. I believe I've said it before that they are the best wine - except for perhaps the sparkly kind - to pair with food.

But hey, I'll spare you my poor attempt to look like I know something special...if you want to know more, check out my friend Danny's blog on making rose'. Now, he really knows what he's talking about...

Now, I'm not just sitting here thinking about pink wine. I'm a sneezy, cramping, sweatshort-wearing mess that's had a long day, so damn it, I'm drinking it. Right now. And it's a beaut.

A bottle of 2007 Chateau Revelette Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence - yes, it's French, I'm a classy one tonight - is a lovely treat & a serious rose'. The color is a bone-dry, pale-but-not-too-pale pink rose' that just makes you happy looking at it. But hey, don't stop with looking! The aroma is light strawberry, & once in the mouth, it's fresh & crisp with some minerality. It's a blend of Syrah, Grenache, & Cabernet Sauvignon, not that it really matters. You'll just sound smart when you're talking about it with your friends at your next barbeque.

We're drinking it solo tonight with our dogs scattered about the room, but my fellow rose'- worshipping pal Lucy said that last year's vintage paired wonderfully with a steak. Mmmmm...I believe her. I think it'll go with just about anything. Delightful, & not too damn serious. It's exactly as it should be - uncomplicated, fabulous, & one of the best porch-sippin' wines you'll find all season.

We picked ours up at the new Whole Foods on Clayton, & I hope you can find yours somewhere near you. You're going to want it, & you're going to want more after it's gone. I know I do, so don't be stupid.

Buy more than one bottle.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Me, again

Hi, everyone!

Yeah, Dad left the laptop out, & I just couldn't resist getting on here to give you the latest news. Who better to tell you than the one that actually knows, anyway? Believe me, I know.
Mom & Dad didn't go to that job thing for 5 days in a row, & they didn't use their suitcases! That was amazing...they slept in a little, which meant I got to lay on the bed longer, & they were just in better moods all the way around. Yay! They should just do that all the time...

So, I'm sure my mom told you that I had to go back to Mizzou on Monday. Well, she didn't tell me, so once again, I figured it out on the way there. Thing is, my mom & dad were in really good moods, not at all nervous like other times, so I felt much better about the trip, too! I was really, really hungry, though. I thought that they forgot to feed me until I heard my mom say that she'd be glad when I was done so that we could all eat. I'm happy that they didn't eat in front of me, that would've been really rude! All of our stomachs were growling all morning. Ugh.

When we pulled into the vet school, I surprised myself (& my parents) by actually being excited to go inside! I just trotted in like I owned the place (well, I really should, you know - I've spent enough time there!), & the nice lady behind the desk was happy to see me. I was happy to see her, too - she always gave me treats. Not this time, though, she said I couldn't have anything to eat. Damn!

A few minutes later, a guy in a white coat came up to us like he knew us. Oh my goodness! He did know us! It was Jeff, my old roomie! But uh happy as I was to see him, I was also worried that I wasn't going home. I probably should've been friendlier to him, I was just scared. He did say that he's had a few other dogs stay with him since me & he said that I was the very best of all of them. That was a nice thing to say. I wondered if he was still sleeping on the floor. Anyway, he took us down the hall to find a room, & when one wasn't available, we went down another hall. I decided to make Jeff feel better by pulling ahead of Mom & walking with him. Awww, it worked. People can be so cute when you pay attention to them.

Once we were in the room, Jeff gave me a good once-over before Dr. Jose' came in. I couldn't remember if I'd seen him before, but he seemed pretty cool & he thought I was cute, so I figured he was ok. (I wanted to ask about Dr. David, but then I figured they probably wouldn't understand me anyway.) They felt around on my paw, & then took me in the back to see Dr. Lattimer, another old friend. (I think he's their boss or something.) I thought Jeff was just bringing me in to say hi, but no...he wanted to feel my paw, too.

I get so tired of that! People are always poking around on my foot. I'm sure most of them wouldn't like it if I did that to them. Heck, I get yelled at if I smell their crotch, which, by the way, is perfectly acceptable behavior. People just need to get with the game.

I went back to the room where my parents were, & we just stayed in there. Jeff came in a few times & was apologizing for the wait. We didn't care, but we were damn hungry. My dad said I could have a cheeseburger when we were finished, & that made everything better. A cheeseburger!!!


As you can see, that news made me pretty happy! I never get cheeseburgers, but my dad always jokes that he's going to give me a hotdog. I think it's from something he's always looking at on this thing I'm using. Anyway, hotdogs ain't got nothing on cheeseburgers.


Here I am, waiting for Jeff. I think Mom was getting bored.

We didn't have to wait long...Jeff came in, told us I looked great (duh!), & took us out of the room. It was sad when he told me goodbye, but I was just so focused on that cheeseburger promise that I couldn't get too into it. Poor guy, I hope he doesn't think I've forgotten him. I haven't - we had too much fun & he was so very nice to me. I love Jeff, he's my friend. I just hope I can see him sometime when he's not in that white coat.

We got in the car & started driving. Yay!! I even got to stick my head out of the window for a few minutes. I really don't know why people don't do that - it feels so good! I heard my mom telling my dad that she wished she would've thought to get a picture of me & Jeff. Yeah, that would've been nice, but I sure didn't want to go back to get it. I just wanted to get my cheeseburger & go home!
Pretty soon, Dad pulled off & we got in this line. He opened his window, & aaaaahhhhh.....


I smelled cheeseburgers!!!!

As promised, I got one of my very own. I just couldn't believe my luck!!


I ate the whole thing, even those awful green round thingies. I didn't care! I should have a cheeseburger every single day.... When I finally got back home, Bella was so jealous! So was Piper! They both tried to stick their nose in my mouth, but I growled & they stopped. I didn't leave any for them, & they're silly for thinking that I would.

I'm betting my mom also told you that my brother Charles hasn't been feeling well lately. He really hasn't been, & I've reluctantly been letting him sleep on my bed during the day. I'd like to say it's because I'm so good, but it's really not - my dad plops him on it first thing, & I have no choice. Oh well. Anyway, last night, my parents put both of us in the car & we went for a little drive. I thought that was really nice until I saw where we were going.

Yup. The vet.

It turns out, I was just there for moral support. Everyone knows me there, so they all said hi, & yeah....they all felt my paw. Man!

Dr. Irwin put Charles on the table, gave him his shots, & started fooling with his back legs. Oh boy, that didn't make Charles happy, he got really snappy. Only for a second, though. Apparently, that was all that Dr. Irwin needed to be able to tell us what the problem is. He has something called arthritis. I remember that Lexie had that, so that made me sad for him. Dr. Irwin said that in his case, it's also called hip dysplasia, but he was going to give him some medicine to make him feel better. He said that Charles might do well on the medicine for up to a couple of years, so I guess that was good news. I guess we'll have to see. Mom said that I was on that stuff a while back, & I remembered that I like it. A lot. Let's hope it helps!

We had to wait a while for something, so Dr. Irwin talked to my parents about that one Jamaica place they always go to. He's been going there for 30 years!! Wow. He must really love it. Anyway, the thing we were waiting for came back & then Dr. Irwin started talking about that. I didn't really get what they were talking about, but what I did pick up is that the Science Diet that we eat is really doing good things for Charles. All of his "levels", whatever that means, are really good, & that aside from his hips & not being able to hear, Charles is really healthy. That made my parents really happy! After that, we got in the car. I was so hopeful that we'd make a stop...

No cheeseburger.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

If Only....

....I could feel as peaceful as Piper does.

Not that I'm upset or stressed, mind you - but I do have things on my mind. Let me just get a few things off of my chest:

My mom's best friend Judy will very likely be dead by tomorrow. A few months ago, her doctor discovered that she had rectal cancer & now she's unresponsive at a nearby hospital, & the doctors say she can't hang on. While it is very sad, I'm so grateful that she hasn't had to suffer as long as her husband or my uncle did. My mom is quite torn up over it, having just lost her brother this past winter. Please keep my mom & Judy's family in your thoughts & or prayers.

We take Mattie back to Mizzou for her recheck tomorrow. We're hopeful that the result will be positive, but I just can't stop thinking that we thought she was in the clear last time & she wasn't. I'm not going to stay up all night or anything, but being the realist that I am, I'm aware that it's definitely a possibility that the radiation therapy didn't work & that the cancer could still be there. Even so, Doug & I are determined to have the most positive attitude possible for the drive up tomorrow morning - Mattie's very sensitive to our moods (particularly mine), & while I know that she'll be fearful as soon as we pass Hwy 94 (her last exit of happy experiences in Augusta), I want to do my best to make her feel safe. But hey - here's something really sweet - Jeff, the vet student that she lived with for 3 weeks, emailed me to let me know that she will be assigned to her case on Monday! He just so happens to be on the oncology rotation right now. He said that usually the department head reads the cases & the students sign up afterwards....but not this time! Jeff said that as soon as Mattie's name was read, he yelled "She's MINE!" - & so she is. I'm so happy that Mattie has the same effect on others that she has on us. She really is a truly wonderful dog & we've been so blessed to have her in our lives.

Charles isn't doing very well. We have to help him up & he just seems lost. More than usual. He's gone through these phases before, & then he pukes & all is well. Except this time - he puked, got a little better, but hasn't changed. We're going to get him in to the vet this week. We're hoping that some Rimadyl will help him...Once more, I must ask that you keep someone else in your thoughts tomorrow - US.

Ok, now for some not-so-heavy crap.

We had a great weekend! We went to Shan & Sean's on the 4th & had a great time! We decided to bring the ingredients for a shandy & we were a hit! We also brought a lovely Sauvignon Blanc from Argentina - NQN Malma. Yum. We've loved everything we've had from this producer, so run out & get yourself some NOW. Oh, back to the party - we didn't stay for the fireworks because of our dogs, & the fact that alcohol & explosives just don't mix. The girls needed us at home, as they get pretty stressed when all of the booming starts. Here's a cute picture of Bella & Mattie:

Safety in numbers....

On Saturday, we spent the day at Sugar Creek winery with about 20 people & had a blast! While we liked it ok, we didn't love the wine we drank, but it's more about the atmosphere. However, we did love their Chambourcin & Cynthiana was just too warm to drink them! We ended up at Augusta Brewing Company, the coolest microbrewery ever...

Today, Doug & I just hung out at home for most of the day. We got hooked on "The Next Food Network Star", & then we went on a search for new guacamole, cheese dip, & margaritas. Unfortunately, the place we had in mind has closed since the last time I saw it....typical.

We returned home & cracked open a nice, cheap, screwcap rose' - La Vieille Ferme Rose' 2007 from the Rhone Valley - we call this the "chicken wine" for the obvious reason that it has chickens on the label. We've enjoyed the red in the past & have tried this rose' before, so we picked it up mostly on pricepoint. For $8.99, it's a keeper.....

One bottle hasn't been enough this evening - go ahead & judge - so we opened up the 2005 Way Kuhl Riesling from Mosel, Germany, also a screwcap. Our good friend Robin gave it to us the last time we were at her house, therefore I don't know the price.'s good - I get some lime & mineral characteristics, but also a lot of petrol. This isn't unusual for Riesling, but nonetheless this feature hasn't made me a fan. I do keep trying, though! Perhaps we should've just let it sit for a couple of years longer, as I hear Riesling ages beautifully. Regardless, even though I'm not jumping for joy, I think it's an issue of personal preference. I'm sure it's well worth a purchase if you're a big fan of Rieslings.

Ok, Cinemax is starting to play some funky stuff & I'm going to take that as a sign that I'm up too late...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Something New for The Lou's Wine Drinkers

A while back, we happened to drive past the new development at the corner of Manchester & Rock Hill Rd. It looked really nice, even though most of it was empty at the time. I saw a window for a space & said to Doug "Hey, that looks like it would make a good wine bar or store!"

I was right.

Last month, I heard about the new wine bar in that location, Bella Vita, from, & I was quite excited. You see, this place has an Enoline system. What's that? Well, it's a very sophisticated serving system specifically designed to measure, preserve, & dispense wine by the taste (1.5 oz.), 1/2 glass, or glass. The price for each choice is right above the wine, which is very convenient! Bella Vita also uses the option to use a debit-like card so that the customer can access the wine. You choose the amount you want to have credited to the card, & it can be reloaded over & over. Very cool!

Unfortunately, current laws in MO throw a wrench in this a bit. As much as I'd love to do it, it's illegal for me to take my card, stick it into the Enoline's slot for my selection, & serve myself. Nope. Instead, one has to have an employee interrupt the process by inserting your card for you. It seems silly & a little inconvenient for everyone, but it's out of their hands for the time being. We talked to Gordon, Bella Vita's owner, & he said that they are working on streamlining this, but in the meantime, the law is the law. I can respect that, & it's easy to do when the (very nice) staff is right there to assist you. As far as we were concerned, this was a very minor inconvenience (although we could see how it might get difficult during a busy time).

There were 3 sections of wine to choose from. Light-to-medium-bodied reds, whites & rose', & full-bodied reds. We were familiar with most of the wine, but one has to remember that Doug & I taste what some would call a ridiculous amount of wine. (Don't listen to those people...they're probably very, very sad & are just looking to lash out at someone.) Having said that, don't take that statement negatively! Quite a few of our favorites were there, among them Havens Merlot, Las Brisas, & Simi Roseto. This is a brand-new place, only open a week, so their list is still developing. I mention that because we were a little disappointed that the Simi was the only rose' in the joint, so I needed to remind myself of that fact. Hopefully, they'll come around to the fabulousness that is rose', & perhaps a few others that weren't represented. Hey, we can't have everything...

Now, we know that we can (& we do) attend a bevy of free tastings on any given weekend, but we don't get to choose from any wine in the store. (As an aside, the tastings may be free, but because we have some class, we never drink & run - we always buy something at each tasting we attend.) While the tasting concept at Bella Vita isn't necessarily better, it's a great option, especially for those new to wine or those wanting to expand their palate from their usual Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. We loaded our card up with $20, & we were able to taste 4 wines each. Not too shabby! We could've tasted more or less, depending on the price of our choices...they have bottles open that sell for $200 or more in restaurants. We didn't get that far, but that's ok. Our favorites were the 2005 Kinton Syrah from Santa Barbara, & the 2005 Novy Syrah out of the Santa Lucia Highlands - each a completely different style, but both quite lovely.

We also had some baked brie & a really nice pepperoni pizza while we chatted with Gordon - the owner of the bar, not my dad, in case anyone was confused. My dad would never hang out in a wine fact, he doesn't understand why we bother with wine at all. Anyway, Gordon the owner is a nice guy & he has some good ideas. The food is simple yet good & there's soda, beer, & coffee for those that don't want the vino. Gordon's going to put in a big screen, a fireplace, & have live music on the weekends. He's not going to complicate it with fancy food or gifts - the focus will be on the wine. I'll be happy to pop in from time to time, with friends, to support this very unique venture in wine drinking. In fact, I'm going to tag this under "local gems" because I think it has real potential.

So, to review...who should go to Bella Vita? Anyone that wants to hang out in a cool, modern-yet-cozy space to find out what kind(s) of wine they like, or break out from their own wine drinking box, or anyone that wants to try a wine that they'd never shell out the cash for under normal circumstances. In other words, just about everyone should at least give it a shot!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Psychic or Psycho?

This has been a crazy week - & it's only Tuesday - & I've got a lot of work to do...but I wanted to stop in & pet the blog for a moment. It would probably get cranky if I didn't, & I don't want to deal with cranky blogs right now. Anyway, it's fiscal year end here at work (almost over, thankfully), & I have my annual abuse (aka review) later this afternoon, so I need some entertainment to give my brain a break.

Since I'm short on time & inspiration, I decided to look back at some stuff I've done before. I found a fun little thing to do, & when I did it again, it was the same as before, but funny as hell, nonetheless. So, let's play Google Psychic!

Rules of the game: Go to the Google website (do I really need to include a freakin' link?). Type in your first name followed by the word "needs" & hit the search button. It works best if you put quotes around your name & the word needs together.

Without further adieu, here's what Google thinks I need:

1. Claire needs a visit to the Bunny Planet. Why, yes - I think I do! I think the Bunny Planet is the perfect place to escape my current load of crap. I promise to leave the dogs at home, lest it become the Mangled & Bloody Bunny Carcass Planet...

2. Claire needs some tough love! Well, thank you, Google. But not today. And don't you judge me...

3. Claire needs booze to kiss. Hmmm... Kiss who? Doug? No, silly Google... You know, you simply must be more specific before you make me out to be an insecure, booze-guzzling slut.

4. Claire needs to make a big decision. Oh, not today, not today!

5. Claire needs to use something gimmicky like single handed firearms. Sounds like a plan, but why is that gimmicky? Oh, never mind. I really don't need to use firearms - that would only land me in the big house & I don't like gray & I don't do horizontal stripes. Gasp! I did, however, recently learn how to shoot a handgun, & it's very serious, so I wouldn't call that gimmicky.

6. Claire needs her back doors smashed in. Why? Is my house on fire? Or does Google just want to burglarize my home? After all, I do have some nice shit, & lots of booze so that I can kiss people. Google, you're making me paranoid.

7. Claire needs to shear all her sheep in a matter of days. I don't have any sheep...but Bella would love it if I did. Did you know that some people that have herding dogs actually buy land & sheep just for their dogs to practice on? Yup, there are actual competitions. Google, I think I need to figure out how those people got so much money & time on their hands in order to pursue such follies...

8. What Claire needs now isn't money, but the healing power of....geometry? Nothing healing about that... Geometry class was right after lunch, so it's not hard to figure out why I didn't do well in that class. Oh, & Google? I do need money - I need to buy land & sheep for Bella.

9. Claire needs a new home due to increased problems with our allergies. I'll bet my mom wishes she'd had a clever line like that to use when she kicked me out. It certainly would've been less crazy than her other excuses.

10. Claire needs a good old fashioned slap. Oh, Google, don't hate....just fuck off already.

Well, that was fun.

What I really need (along with other stuff that may or not be written about in another blog) is another vacation, more money, a maid... Bah, I won't get any of that anytime soon, so I guess the best I can hope for is a great weekend. I think I can manage that!

Let's spice up the blogosphere a bit, so take your turn - it's a hoot! Post a comment here or on your own blog so we can all be looky-loos.