Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Me, again

Hi, everyone!

Yeah, Dad left the laptop out, & I just couldn't resist getting on here to give you the latest news. Who better to tell you than the one that actually knows, anyway? Believe me, I know.
Mom & Dad didn't go to that job thing for 5 days in a row, & they didn't use their suitcases! That was amazing...they slept in a little, which meant I got to lay on the bed longer, & they were just in better moods all the way around. Yay! They should just do that all the time...

So, I'm sure my mom told you that I had to go back to Mizzou on Monday. Well, she didn't tell me, so once again, I figured it out on the way there. Thing is, my mom & dad were in really good moods, not at all nervous like other times, so I felt much better about the trip, too! I was really, really hungry, though. I thought that they forgot to feed me until I heard my mom say that she'd be glad when I was done so that we could all eat. I'm happy that they didn't eat in front of me, that would've been really rude! All of our stomachs were growling all morning. Ugh.

When we pulled into the vet school, I surprised myself (& my parents) by actually being excited to go inside! I just trotted in like I owned the place (well, I really should, you know - I've spent enough time there!), & the nice lady behind the desk was happy to see me. I was happy to see her, too - she always gave me treats. Not this time, though, she said I couldn't have anything to eat. Damn!

A few minutes later, a guy in a white coat came up to us like he knew us. Oh my goodness! He did know us! It was Jeff, my old roomie! But uh happy as I was to see him, I was also worried that I wasn't going home. I probably should've been friendlier to him, I was just scared. He did say that he's had a few other dogs stay with him since me & he said that I was the very best of all of them. That was a nice thing to say. I wondered if he was still sleeping on the floor. Anyway, he took us down the hall to find a room, & when one wasn't available, we went down another hall. I decided to make Jeff feel better by pulling ahead of Mom & walking with him. Awww, it worked. People can be so cute when you pay attention to them.

Once we were in the room, Jeff gave me a good once-over before Dr. Jose' came in. I couldn't remember if I'd seen him before, but he seemed pretty cool & he thought I was cute, so I figured he was ok. (I wanted to ask about Dr. David, but then I figured they probably wouldn't understand me anyway.) They felt around on my paw, & then took me in the back to see Dr. Lattimer, another old friend. (I think he's their boss or something.) I thought Jeff was just bringing me in to say hi, but no...he wanted to feel my paw, too.

I get so tired of that! People are always poking around on my foot. I'm sure most of them wouldn't like it if I did that to them. Heck, I get yelled at if I smell their crotch, which, by the way, is perfectly acceptable behavior. People just need to get with the game.

I went back to the room where my parents were, & we just stayed in there. Jeff came in a few times & was apologizing for the wait. We didn't care, but we were damn hungry. My dad said I could have a cheeseburger when we were finished, & that made everything better. A cheeseburger!!!


As you can see, that news made me pretty happy! I never get cheeseburgers, but my dad always jokes that he's going to give me a hotdog. I think it's from something he's always looking at on this thing I'm using. Anyway, hotdogs ain't got nothing on cheeseburgers.


Here I am, waiting for Jeff. I think Mom was getting bored.

We didn't have to wait long...Jeff came in, told us I looked great (duh!), & took us out of the room. It was sad when he told me goodbye, but I was just so focused on that cheeseburger promise that I couldn't get too into it. Poor guy, I hope he doesn't think I've forgotten him. I haven't - we had too much fun & he was so very nice to me. I love Jeff, he's my friend. I just hope I can see him sometime when he's not in that white coat.

We got in the car & started driving. Yay!! I even got to stick my head out of the window for a few minutes. I really don't know why people don't do that - it feels so good! I heard my mom telling my dad that she wished she would've thought to get a picture of me & Jeff. Yeah, that would've been nice, but I sure didn't want to go back to get it. I just wanted to get my cheeseburger & go home!
Pretty soon, Dad pulled off & we got in this line. He opened his window, & aaaaahhhhh.....


I smelled cheeseburgers!!!!

As promised, I got one of my very own. I just couldn't believe my luck!!


I ate the whole thing, even those awful green round thingies. I didn't care! I should have a cheeseburger every single day.... When I finally got back home, Bella was so jealous! So was Piper! They both tried to stick their nose in my mouth, but I growled & they stopped. I didn't leave any for them, & they're silly for thinking that I would.

I'm betting my mom also told you that my brother Charles hasn't been feeling well lately. He really hasn't been, & I've reluctantly been letting him sleep on my bed during the day. I'd like to say it's because I'm so good, but it's really not - my dad plops him on it first thing, & I have no choice. Oh well. Anyway, last night, my parents put both of us in the car & we went for a little drive. I thought that was really nice until I saw where we were going.

Yup. The vet.

It turns out, I was just there for moral support. Everyone knows me there, so they all said hi, & yeah....they all felt my paw. Man!

Dr. Irwin put Charles on the table, gave him his shots, & started fooling with his back legs. Oh boy, that didn't make Charles happy, he got really snappy. Only for a second, though. Apparently, that was all that Dr. Irwin needed to be able to tell us what the problem is. He has something called arthritis. I remember that Lexie had that, so that made me sad for him. Dr. Irwin said that in his case, it's also called hip dysplasia, but he was going to give him some medicine to make him feel better. He said that Charles might do well on the medicine for up to a couple of years, so I guess that was good news. I guess we'll have to see. Mom said that I was on that stuff a while back, & I remembered that I like it. A lot. Let's hope it helps!

We had to wait a while for something, so Dr. Irwin talked to my parents about that one Jamaica place they always go to. He's been going there for 30 years!! Wow. He must really love it. Anyway, the thing we were waiting for came back & then Dr. Irwin started talking about that. I didn't really get what they were talking about, but what I did pick up is that the Science Diet that we eat is really doing good things for Charles. All of his "levels", whatever that means, are really good, & that aside from his hips & not being able to hear, Charles is really healthy. That made my parents really happy! After that, we got in the car. I was so hopeful that we'd make a stop...

No cheeseburger.


LucyinStLou said...

Oh Mattie you really did have an adventure! You absolutely earned that cheeseburger no doubt about it. Give our best to Charles. We are so happy to hear that it's nothing serious.

Em said...

Congratulations, Mattie - good to read that everything's going well - but I do think they should have stopped and gotten cheeseburgers for you and Charles. Next time you get on the laptop, maybe you could send the vet a note and ask that he prescribe you a cheeseburger every day (without the yucky green things of course).

Claire said...

Hey Aunt Lucy & Em - thanks for your support on the cheeseburger thing. I don't think it'll work, though...

I'm really happy about Charles, too, even though Mom says his hip problem isn't good. I guess I'll just have to keep Bella & Piper from knocking him over!

Steve & Stepher said...

Mattie can has cheezeburger?!

What an adorable story. Mattie, you made me go in the other room and hug my doggy, Dario. Of course he was asleep on the sofa at the time so I probably annoyed him more than anything, but it's the thought that counts.

I agree w/em. Cheeseburgers should be prescribed for you! That's a long drive you make - maybe even TWO cheeseburgers! J/K

I'm sorry Charles has arthritis. Thankfully, so much research has been been in that area... YEAH for meds that help and WEE for Science Diet. That's what Nikolai (our diabetic feline)is eating. I need to get more.

This post was just darling. I love good news...

Anonymous said...

Oh Mattie, you are too cute with that cheeseburger!! Makes me want one now.

Steve & Stepher said...

I hope everyone here is doing well. I'm looking forward to a cheeseburger update. =)