Friday, October 17, 2008

Hello, Blog

Wow. It's been a while.

Not because I've wanted to stay away, but because I just had other stuff that took precedence - you know, like work, for once - or I just haven't had the energy or inspiration. I'm just not one of those "this is what I did today" writers, not that there's anything wrong with that. (As an aside, I use the term "writer" loosely. Whenever Doug is talking about stuff he did that I can't do, I've been known to call myself an "international writer" just to one-up... Yeah, I think I'm funny.) However, this thing needed a good dusting off, so here I go.

We've got another busy weekend lined up, & tonight's no exception, so I decided to stroll over to Starbucks for a pick-me-up. I was really hoping for a Pumpkin Spice latte', but since it's a tiny little university shop, I was out of luck. A caramel macchiato will have to do, even though it's not a true macchiato - it's actually just a caramel latte', but oh well. It's damn good, & I'm going to enjoy it & hope that I can drown out the sound of my coworkers quacking.

Let's focus on something a little more positive. Like the fact that it's Friday afternoon, & I'm getting out 30 minutes early. Well, I did come in 30 minutes early, but it's just nice to get off early. Granted, it's work - our side business, of course - but at least it'll be quick & painless (I hope, I hope).

Something else that's positive - we're looking forward to a schedule slowdown, even though it won't happen until 11/16. But hey - we survived the VP debate (we did, but I don't think one of the candidates can really say that), & we're almost through our own very busy season, so I can see the end in sight...& it looks beautiful. I need a break. I mean, we haven't been on vacation since coming back from Mexico on 5/3! That's a long time, people....

Speaking of vacation, we're really looking forward to our 3rd annual Thanksgiving weekend Nashville trip. It's only a weekend, but for those of you that know me, we can't get out of town fast enough after spending Thanksgiving Day with our family. Hey, you can't judge unless you come to it 2 years in a row. Why 2 years? Because they're on their best behavior the first year (& that's not saying much), so you need to come back after they've loosened up a little. Any takers? Ok, that's what I thought.

Sadly, my friends, I have to wrap this mostly directionless post up. And not to be political, but let me leave you with some pictures that have entertained me for days now... (Really, people, this is supposed to be funny, so don't choose to be offended. Choose to have a damn sense of humor!)

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

And to be fair....

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

One more...

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

Oh, come on - you know that shit was funny, regardless of what side you're on!


Anonymous said...

HAHA!! Love the political funnies!!

Thom said...

If more people chose to have a sense of humor, life would be so much better... well, at least it would be funnier.

LucyinStLou said...

My big work event it over too so I can finally join you both in the land of the living! (Currently luxuriating in a day off. Heaven.)

Love the political funnies! Whatever will comedians do after the election?

Emily said...

Nice blog...those pics are hilarious!