Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We Haz New Toy

Sorry about the LOL speak, but sometimes it just fits.

In the few spare moments we've had lately, we decided to buy something that we've been wanting to buy for a while now... a hot tub! My neck & shoulders have really been feeling a lot of stress, so a hot tub ought to help. I sure hope so - it can really suck!

Since I'm tired & - guess what - short on time, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

You just can't plop a hot tub in your backyard, hook it up, & hop in, so preparations needed to be made. However, Doug got a little Craigslist-happy (so easy to do) & we found ourselves with an unseen hot tub for $200. For that price, we figured if it worked, cool, if not, oh well.


Yeah, it's ugly & dumpy. Doug said the guy was a total hoosier to boot, so I'm glad I didn't go for the pickup. However, we were hopeful things would work with a ittle elbow grease.

Like I said, you can't just plop & go - we needed to have a flat surface....

With Bella's supervision (of course), Doug started digging.


"Hey, you're not finished here!"


"Lazy ass...looks like I'll have to show him what real work ethic looks like..."


"If Dad was digging here, it must be ok. Yay, I love to dig!"

Dig, Bella, dig!


Bella told Piper that this was way too much work for one dog, so Piper helped.


For a little while....then Piper got tired.


I tried to get a shot of Doug & Bella digging together, but it just didn't work out. Take my word for it, it was really cute. Bella was thrilled -- a sanctioned dig! It took some of the sting out of having the holes in the back corner - the ones that she's been working on for years - filled in with the extra dirt. (She wasn't happy, & still isn't. She's back at it again.)

Once the digging was complete, Doug finished the patio. I helped a little by sweeping a crapload of sand into the cracks between the paver stones. Oh yeah, & I picked the pavers!

Soon after seeing this, Doug decided the $200 tub was a waste of time & money...


I know, I don't get it either.

We did a little talking, a little shopping, & when we got home today, this is what we saw:


Looky there! A used-but-in-good-condition hot tub (with a warranty!), & they took the old nasty one away! SCORE!!!


Doug says he's still got some work to do, but we're almost there. He worked on some rewiring tonight. Hopefully, we'll be able to get in our hot tub by this time next week! It's got 4 seats, but we think 5, maybe 6, people can fit. How much fun!

I wonder what bottle we'll decide to pop open for the inaugural soak....


Teresa said...

One of the first things I wanted when we moved into our house was a hot tub, but then we had to go spend the money on stupid practical things like a water heater.

If you see some random figure make a mad dash out of the hot tub when you get home from work, it isn't me. I mean, we live in the same neighborhood and everything and I love hot tubs, but....;)

Mary said...

It sounds like you could really use some hot tub and wine time with your crazy schedule. Go Doug, Piper, and Bella on the big dig! Those pups have to earn a living sometimes;) And I agree-the new one is much better than the one from the hoosier.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures sequence and glad you finally have your hot tub!!


LucyinStLou said...

I bet Bella was in heaven! I'm sure she was SO happy to help and have a job. And I can just see Piper..."you want me to help? ME? Okay! I'll dig." Love Piper!

Claire said...

I'll be on the lookout for that random figure, Teresa! But don't feel the need to run away! If you're there, we'll pop open some vino & have ourselves a hot tub happy hour. =)

Mary, yes...I could definitely use some hot tub & wine time, & I'm going to get it! I'm glad Bella & Piper helped out, but I don't know where the other 2 were... They don't have Bella's enthusiasm for work, I guess.

Yes, Sheryl, it's HERE!

Lucy, you nailed it. Bella was thrilled to not get yelled at for doing what she loves, & Piper was happy to be included for the 2 minutes that she lasted. Ah, it makes me smile.

Amanda said...

I am so jealous. I've been trying to convince Mark we need a hot tub since we moved in.

Becky and the Beanstock said...

Ah, the hot tub versus jacuzzi debate. It's been ongoing in our household since, well, since we bought the house. I like the outdoor kind, Simon would rather not have to dash through the frigid air afterwards (that's part of the thrill though, don't you think? I must have a bit of the Swede in me...)Anyway, hooray for you! Very cool, and no doubt much needed. And of course we'll want a full report after you've had the chance to break it in.

mxq said...

how fun! we have the perfect patio for a hot tub... but it also happens to be directly under my neighbors bedroom window.... so maybe it's not so perfect after all. i'm jealous of you.

and teresa, i'm coming with you!

sarah said...

Tigers AND a hot tub within one week? LUCKY!

:) I'm jealous. But it looks great - kudos to you, the puppehs and Doug!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, how cool Claire!! It's the perfect freaking weather for a hot tub right now! And I love the pics of Bella and Piper digging. Too cute.

Don't be alarmed if you see three figures making a mad dash out of the hot tub. I think Teresa, mxq, and I are gonna have to have a little get together...

Claire said...

Amanda, I've been with Doug for a loooong time, & he finally came around. You can work your magic, I'm sure.

Becky, Doug's having a hard time dealing with the idea of walking back into the house in the cold air while wet - on purpose. He's going to have to get over that. I'd love to have a jacuzzi inside, but we don't have the room in either bathroom. Maybe if we add a bathroom to the basement.

Pamela & Kristal, don't be silly. Grab Teresa & come on over! Once the hot tub is actually operational, that is... Maybe we can get Lucy & Jenn to come, too.

Oh, & Kristal? It won't be ME that's alarmed...I hope you can outrun Bella!

Sarah, yeah, we had a good week in that sense. We gotta stimulate the economy, you know! Rawr!!!

Jenn said...

Well, I don't know about Lucy - but COUNT ME IN!!! I wonder how many of us fab ladies can fit in that baby???

Congrats on the new addition!!!

Rhonda said...

Great Job, you guys! The patio and tub look terrific! Have fun soakin and drinkin :)

LucyinStLou said...

Sure. I'll be there! I have to congratulate Bella on a good job. (Oh and Doug too of course!)

Teresa said...

Don't worry Claire, if I come over I will be armed with cheese and bread in addition to the other crazy ladies that would be tagging along.

But do you think we could get in the water less than an hour after we eat? :)

Em said...

I am just now catching up with you...congrats on the hottub.

I used to think the mad dash back in the cold would bother me - but I find that the combination of soaking in warm water and the terry robe I have waiting means that its several minutes before I start to get chilly again - even when there's snow on the ground - plenty of time to get out - put the cover back on, and get to the house.

Which reminds me - a hot tub cover lift is a wonderful thing....they can be annoyingly heavy.

Another reason I need to come out and visit you :)