Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Birthday Suit

Hey, Mattie here. It's been a while since I've popped in, & since Mom's not looking, why not?

So, yesterday was my birthday. I'm 14 years old. 14! People say that's really old for a dog like me. Heh, I don't really feel old, so whatever. I might be getting a little grumpier in my old age, but hey, I've been through a lot, I like my comfort, & my little sister Piper gets on my damn nerves. I think I deserve to be spoiled & set in my ways.

For my birthday, Mom & Dad took the day off, but all they did was run errands & work around the house. No fun, but the house looked good. Then Dad put me in this:


At first, I was a little pissed - no one ever put me in a costume before. That was always Lexie's thing, & she actually liked it. (I really miss her, by the way.) Anyway, apparently Dad bought the costume for Bella, but then decided that since it was my 14th birthday, I should be the one to wear it. Ugh. But then Mom & Dad got into costumes, & then our friends showed up in their costumes, & everyone was telling me how cute I looked, & then it wasn't so bad. Then I remembered all of the Batman movies I've seen & how cool he is, & I figured Dad did right by me, as always. Even so, I don't get why people dress up for my's just weird.

But the sleeves were too long, so I kept stepping on them. Screw that. I got out of it.

People were here pretty late, & everyone was having such a good time. Everyone looked funny in their costumes, too. And you should see our house now - there are bottles everywhere because Mom was mixing up a bunch of drinks for everyone. I heard someone say that she should open a bar...good idea in theory, but when would she ever have time? I'd much rather she stay home with me all day.

She's home with me now, & that's what counts. They'll be leaving very soon because they have to go make that money crap. I don't think I'll ever get my head around that, but whatever. I just wish they'd leave the bedroom door open so that I can crash on the bed. They won't, though, because Mom really likes her really nice sheets & she says I'll tear them up. So this will have to do:



Thom said...

Good post Mattie. Your costume looked pretty cool, but I don't blame you for getting out of it. I think your mom should open a bar - then she could work at home and spend more time with you. Tell her friends to convince her...

LucyinStLou said...

Happy Birthday Mattie!!! You are so cute in your cosutume. I hope you had fun at your birthday party. (Really who cares about Halloween when you've just turned 14!?)

sarah said...

Aw, Mattie. You are so cute. You looked so good in your costume - I only wish I had felt better so I could have come over and seen you! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Aww Mattie was so damn cute in that costume too.

And the caramel apple drink was fabulous!!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

A little late but Happy Birthday Mattie! I love your should post more often! Enjoy age 14!