Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wow, I almost forgot I have this thing!

Crazy, huh?

Well, it was an almost. Inspiration to write pops up every so often, but unfortunately, the time &/or energy didn't follow.  You know how it is.  My blog silence doesn't mean anything more than that. 

Oh, & yes - I still drink wine.  Quite a bit of it. 

I have some things that I want to write about, but guess what?  I'm short on time.  Perhaps if I hadn't stayed up until 2:00 a.m. drinking wine with our friends...but whatever. 

What can you expect of me in the future?  Well, not much, really.  I'll write when I want about what I want.  I'm not going to write about every wine I drink - now, there's an exhausting concept - & as always, I won't just write about wine.  After all, my life is pretty entertaining. 

So, with that, I hope to not be such a stranger.


Blue Ice Dave said...

It seems like many of us have lost the time or desire for keeping up with our blogs. Maybe some day...

Thom said...

I am glad that your feed still goes to my Google Reader account! It's good to blow the cobwebs off the blog every now and then. I have the desire, the inclination, and truth be told there are times when I could be writing. My biggest problem is that my recent writing has turned so obscure that no one has a clue what I am writing about. That's OK, it's good to purge.

NHwineman said...

Claire and all that are "plagued' with cob-webs, lack of inspiration, obscurity or just having too much fun, the blog thing is for fun, right? Who knows, maybe serendipity just might be the type of alchemy one needs to be inspired.
Claire, I'll be sure to check in on you from time to time.
Be good ;-),

NHwineman said...

Well, after I left your new post, I saw a familiar "face" (The Plungerhead man) and I followed your link; one thing I found there was an affirmation that the Dry AVA USUALLY makes a truer Zinfandel varietal (That's my newbie opinion), because I very much disliked the P-Head's Lodi 2008 Zin, but if you are into the wine photography, give my Lodi review a look and see.


NHwineman said...

Should read: Dry Creek AVA.

UGA Wino said...

No apologies needed! Remember, this is supposed to be fun. Just throw something out there when ever you feel like it. You're not on a deadline here! :-)

Danny said...

Hey there Claire, hope all is well with you and Doug.

I am now the winemaker for a small winery in my area. If you ever get up to Pennsylvania you'll have to look us up.

JA said...

I randomly happened upon your blog and it is Great! I hope you keep writing.

NHwineman said...

Claire, thanks for the visit, and I've made a brief reply to your comments; looking forward to more Halloween suggestions, but don't sweat the small stuff, sit back in the sun with a glass of Pine Ridge and enjoy! You and the other Angels ;-)

NHwineman said...

Claire, I must have just been wandering in the cyber world of wine blogs, when from one of your links (Wannabe Wino) I found that great blog; your posting is having long-term effects:-)

NHwineman said...

Claire, thanks for the comment; I just woke-up, and your comment made me smile. I can't say that has happened for some time now.