Thursday, January 22, 2009

Miserly Ways

Today was a long day, & not just because it started at 4:00 a.m. As some of you know, I'm in the midst of learning my new job, & it's been interesting, busy, sometimes fun, & almost always overwhelming. So much information -- information that I never even thought I'd know or want to know, but here I am. Apparently, I've started at the most stressful time of the year, but I don't really get just why that is yet. I guess I'll find out next January, but for now, suffice it to say that my coworkers are a little testy.

(That's being kind.)

Anyway, today was one of those days that my head was spinning more than usual, but one thing kept me grounded. Today was Thursday, & I could only hope that Doug would be agreeable to going to "our place"....Veritas.

He was.

So, off we went. Yeah, times are a bit tight, & I really hate saying that -- it's like no one can say anything without saying "In this economy", or "until the economy improves"...gah. I catch myself saying it, & we're not feeling too much of an effect from it (thank goodness). Because of "the economy" (see?!), almost every wine tasting features value wines & Veritas was no exception. Hey, I'm not saying that like it's a bad thing... It's smart business, & besides, any schmuck can buy a great $70 bottle of wine, but it takes a bit of work to find that great one for under $20, $15, $12...& $9.

Aside from the usual incredible food we always get at Veritas, & the fun company from fellow wine & Veritas lovers Bob & Nancy, we discovered a fantastic, fun wine for just $9 -- CheapSkate Miser Meritage. This Sonoma, CA blend of Cab Franc & Merlot knocked it out of the park tonight...the recession's answer to Opus One. Ok, take that with a grain of salt...but damn, it was good. Nice spice, lush fruit, & a surprisingly long finish make the Miser a guaranteed hit for your next gift, party, or just your regular ol' Wednesday night. And it's a screwtop to boot, so you'll never have to worry about the dreaded corked wine. (Those of you that still have a prejudice against screwtops should open their minds & more bottles - you don't know what you're missing.)

Cheapskate's philosophy is an excellent one:
  1. Make only stunningly good wine
  2. Outrageous value.
  3. Targets progressive consumers and leaders through humor and honesty.
  4. Use 1 -3 to break the rules: Make a wine so good and so much fun that it sells itself. Provide a steaming-hot deal up front. Then draw the line. No special deals or discounts. Five-case minimum purchases by wholesale accounts. Retail sales by the case only.
  5. In winemaking, it's cheaper to do it the smart way. As winemakers, practice finding our inner Cheapskate. Ask "Why isn't this less?" Smart, cheap packaging, scrooge-caps, lots of thought and work spent on pinching pennies.
  6. Foster long term relationships with growers in unfashionable areas who are dedicated to quality. Fancy appellations means you pay more for the same quality. CheapSkates can't afford that!

What are you waiting for? Pick it up & lie about how much you spent -- as long as you don't go overboard, you'll get away with it.


LucyinStLou said...

That sounds fantastic! I'm all about a good value. Is it only at Veritas?

Claire said...

I have no idea, sorry! I'll ask around this weekend & see what I can find out.

Mo said...

Thanks for the recommendation. We are always looking for everyday values like that, not to mention our love for red blends. I'm going to hunt for it here in AZ.

Danny said...

Wines like that are a rare find. I imagine the winery's volume is huge and fairly non-traditional in its methods. I only hope that they can keep their growers happy for a long period of time. As the wines get more popular, the growers are going to want a piece of that.

Mary said...

Ha! That is so clever. And I'm going to say it, "because of the economy," I can't buy any cases of wine right now:( But, maybe I can get a bottle out and about sometime.

Joe Joe said...

Love good, cheap wines -- and I love the screw tops better b/c I don't worry about the bottle tipping in the fridge. (I know, dumb reason to worry about corks, but I do)

I laughed so hard at your "in this economy" comment -- I am so that person too!!